Friday, September 28, 2012

Self portrait as a fish

Repetid con boca de pececito: "Buenas tardes soy un pez globo, y usted?"

Para mis lectores fieles, tambien he abierto un tumblr: Totem Hero, Hacedle una visitita!

To my faithful followers: I've also opened a tumblr; check it out here: Totem Hero
check it out!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Cough Syrup

I just couldn't think on anything else than cough syrup when I drew this. There is a little astronaut in the moon up there.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

ZEP zep

Remember Diego from the man in stripped socks. ?
Well, he has this insane thing with Zeppelins.
That's why I love having lunch with him, you know... one moment you're deciding on whether you want maki             california or sake maki, next thing you know he's telling you about the explosion of a huuuuge Zeppelin.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Two Orange Friends

Hi, can I have some orange peel in my drink?
Hi, can I have some feathers?
Hi, can I have my nails painted orange?
Hi, can I have to lovely friends dressed in orange?
Oh, yes, that's a dream catcher. 

Saturday, March 31, 2012

VENT COUVERT (Vancouver)

There was this one day we went to the aquarium. When we got there it was closed, they didn't wan't us to wake the fish up. You know, these northern people go to sleep super early, and so do their fish.
We did a one-leg race. We also fed the ducks in Stanley park, saw sunset from the coast. We were late for dinner.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Post Vancouver

Post Vancouver syndrome- or how I brought no mapple syrup with me, but rain as a souvenir.

I was in Vancouver for 10 days. On the plane on my way back, at that time when your eyes are almost closing but not quite, I drew a summary of Vancouver. This is just a tiny sneak peak, If you took a packet of cookies, this would be just like the ingredients written at the back: SUGAR, ENRICHED FLOUR (WHEAT FLOUR, NIACIN, REDUCED IRON, THIAMINE MONONITRATE {VITAMIN B1}, RIBOFLAVIN FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP, CORNSTARCH, LEAVENING, SALT, SOY LECITHIN (EMULSIFIER), VANILLIN - AN ARTIFICIAL FLAVOR, CHOCOLATE. CONTAINS: WHEAT, SOY.

Big moooon (for the nights I spent outside the convention center with Canada);Duck (feed with vinegar chips at Stanly Park); totem poles with WorldMUN acreditations; red plastic cups that held certain drinks {vitamin C, orange juice}; street signs, and trafic lights which we didnt use much; wall of the convention center; fish (preferably from the aquarium we didnt get to see, but I will still say I loved);delegates; indian; salt.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Star Sandwich/ Sandwich de Estrellas.

Have you evere wondered what a star sandwich would taste like?
See, I had never thought of it until last saturday. I was at a party at Katja's house wearing a star blouse, and I managed to get a place in the sofa. Only there were far too many people sitting on that sofa and so at one point I was being pressed in a way that I felt like a sandwich. A star sandwich.

Alguna vez te has preguntado a qué sabría un sandwich de estrellas?
Yo no lo había pensado hasta el sábado pasado. Estaba en una fiesta en casa de Katja y llevaba una blusa de estrella, y conseguí sentarme en un hueco en el sofá. Solo que había demasiada gente en ese sofá y hubo un momento en el que estaba tan espachurrada que me sentí como el relleno de un sandwich. Un sandwich de estrellas.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Coolest kids in town I

Bet you didn't get an explorer kit for Chritmas, uh?

A ti no te regalaron un kit de explorador por Navidad, eh?

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Lis Bon

Dear Ernest, this year I am going to buy a notebook and write tales. Tales from Lisbon, that will tell the story of the time Sonia didn't realise she had stolen a fork. Or about how we ate all the cod fish in the sea.

You know, Ernest, it is your fault that I go to the library and look at everyone and think what I will write about them once I'm done with my exams. I am sure that, if you had seen some of the people at the library you would have written about them too, and in a pretty funny way, just like you always do. See, I'm proud I have resisted the temptation of buying a new moleskine to write all these stories.

This photographies were taken in Lisbon. They have mummies inside this place, and roman busts, and old books. I think you would have liked it. You would have also liked the coffee we had every morning. Meialeitte, they called it, it hasd a lot of milk and mousse, and you need more than two to wake up.

Bye Ernest, will write back soon.

Thursday, October 20, 2011



Hey kids.
Hola niños.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Paris, Troisième Partie. PARIS ZOO.

Two buildings I'm in love with. L'Opéra Garnier, because green is my favourite color. And the green of it's dome is my favourite shade of green. Le Panthéon, because it has the Foucault pendulum, which moves on it's own and is completely hypnotic. And because it says Aux grands hommes la patrie reconnaissante.

Here, have some more:
There are two operas in Paris, the Garnier opera, and the modern one, that huge cristal building in Bastille. (Thanks to M. Alain)

Best crêpes to be found at rue Mouffetard, near the Panthéon. (Thanks to Ximena).

Dos edificios de los que estoy enamorada. La Opera Granier, por que el verde es mi color favorito. Y el tono de verde de su cúpula es mi tono de verde favorito. El Panteón, porque tiene el péndulo de Foucault que se mueve solo y es totalmente hipnótico. Y por que dice
Aux grands hommes la patrie reconnaissante.

Mira, un poco más:
Hay dos óperas en París, la ópera Garnier, y una moderna, ese edificio enorme de cristal en Bastille (gracias a M. Alain)

Los mejores crêpes se encuentran en la rue Mouffetard, cerca del Panteón (gracias a Ximena).

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Paris, Deuxième partie. MONTMARTICHAUT.

More life-saving things I learned in Paris, thanks to Natalia:

Never ever put a plastic plate inside the microwave or Natalia will kill you. Also, never try to boil artichokes unless you are a qualified cheff. I say this because Natalia had two huge artichokes in water for maybe 3 days, and she would turn the fire on whenever she was home so that they would boil. I left Paris and the artichokes where still raw.

Más cosas que he aprendido en París y que me salvarán la vida, gracias a Natalia:

Nunca jamás se debe meter un plato de plástico en el microondas, o Natalia te matará. Tampoco intentes cocer alcachofas salvo que seas un cheff cualificado. Natalia tuvo dos alcachofas enormes metidas en agua durante 3 dias por lo menos. Cada vez que volvía a casa encendía el fuego a ver si acababan de cocerse. Cuando me fui de París las alcachofas seguían crudas.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Paris, Première Partie. PARIS JAPONAIS

The life-saving things I learned in Paris, and the people who taught them to me (part one):

1- You never say "enchanté" when you meet someone. A funny guy invented that word to make us (the non-french) look like we know French when we don´t. Also, hyppos are the most dangerous animals in Africa. (Thanks to Karim)

2- You can find super cheap macarons at Monoprix, they're pretty good, and you can live on a macaron-based diet. (Thanks to Gabrielle)

3- 20 minutes late is not late at all as long as you are parisian and ride a bike. (Thanks to Baptiste)

Las cosas que he aprendido en París y que algún día me salvarán la vida, y la gente que me las enseñó (primera parte)

1- "Enchanté" no se dice nunca cuando te presentan a alguien. Algún graciosillo se lo invetó para hacernos creer a los no-franceses que sabemos francés. También que los hipopótamos son los aimales más peligrosos de África. (Gracias a Karim)

2- Puedes comprar macarons super baratos en Monoprix, están muy buenos, y puedes alimentarte a base de ellos. (Gracias a Gabrielle)

3-20 minutos de retraso no es retraso si eres parisino y vas en bicicleta. (Gracias a Baptiste)

Thursday, September 15, 2011


Es como una caja de macarons de sabores, 2 de frambuesa, 2 de pistacho, 1 de chocolate, 2 manejando el diafragma, 2 manejando el obturador ,2 contrabalanceado los blancos, 1 de Bodegón, 1 de Nocturna, 1 de la práctica de Flash, 1 del Retrato, 1 de Moda, 1 de Paisaje.

También quiere una explicación estética.


iso muy alta, para que la estatua salga blanca y reluciente, sobre el cielo de lejía.
iso 1600 f 16 v 1/200 wb shadow.

aaaaaaaaaaaaDiego se viste como un parisino, aaaaaaaaaaa conafoulard y calcetines de colores.

aaaaaaaaaaaa iso 100 f 8 v 1/125 wb flash

BALANCE es una catedral azul

iso 400 f 5,6 v 1/1000


En el jardín de las Tullerias hay una feria. Si pones la cámara a una velocidad alta y un iso bajo el cielo sale muy azul, y ves a la gente pasándoselo muy bien arriba.

iso 200 f 13 v 400 wb sun


En cambio si pones la cámara a una velocidad lenta ves el pelo de Mónica moverse. Además el coche es del mismo color que la columna, y la columna se hizo con el bronce fundido de los cañones de la batalla de Austerlitz

iso 100 f 5,6 v 1/50 wb sun


La rue Rivoli es infinita y no puedo fotografiarla entera, pero lo que sale, sale enfocado. Enfocado y al biés.

1/50 wb cloudy


Estas son las estatuas del jardín del museo Rodin. Como ya son oscuras use una ISO baja, de todos modos iban a salir negras...

iso 200 f 5,6 v 1/250 wb cloudy


Se llama Gabrielle y es el retrato de una lechuza con el pelo que se vuela.

iso 800 f 16 v 1/50 wb shadow


En mexico no dicen helados, dicen "niiiiiieeeeeve" Obviamente el helado está desenfocado, por que todos sabemos como es un helado, pero ella se llama Natalia y tiene muchisimas pestañas.

1/640 wb shadow


Son boletus y dinosaurios. Los dinos casi se mueven; los compré en París.

iso 800 f 32 v 1.0 wb sun


La orilla del Sena vista desde el bateau mouche, con sus cristales teñidos.

iso 200 f 5,6 v 250 wb shadow


Es naranja y gris y es el paisaje perfecto de París.

iso 200 f 5,6 v 250 wb shadow


Es naranja, como un café en Montmatre de noche.

iso 1600 f 5,6 v 1/30 wb sun


¿La torre qué?

iso 1600 f 5,6 v 1/60 wb bulblight

¡Mira Fernando! He hecho los deberes y te los he ordenado por escala de colores, son como macarons de vainilla, caramelo, cosa azul, café, mango y naranja con chocolate